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PenCure 2000
Brochure PenCure 2000

High-performance LED curing light

With a parallel bundled, highly concentrated blue LED light ray, perfect design and well-balanced ergonomics, the new modular PenCure 2000 polymerisation lamp with its technical parameters stands out among curing lamps. With an output of 2000 mW/cm², effective polymerisation is possible in 3 seconds. 80 percent of the light ray is focused in such a way that it retains its intensity even at a distance of 5 mm.

The combination of a specially designed mirror with aspherical lens ensures an even distribution of the light intensity. A variety of light conductor heads for different modes complement the area of use up to individual tooth bleaching.

  • Standard mode with 10 seconds
  • Step mode with 10 or 20 seconds
  • Pulsating mode with 10 or 20 seconds
  • High-power mode with 2 or 3 seconds

In comparison to curing lamps with light conductors and very small head, the PenCure 2000 with high light intensity makes it possible to achieve comfortable curing even in difficult molar areas.